Water District Commissioner Opening

The Rollinsford Water & Sewer District (RWSD) is looking for a committed person in the District willing to be appointed a Commissioner. A person wishing to be appointed must both live in the District and be a registered voter. Commissioners are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the District’s efforts to deliver drinking water and see that wastewater (sewage) is processed in a responsible manner within the confines of a municipally imposed budget. Interested candidates should be ready to assume the burden of that balance. An understanding of basic accounting, construction, industrial operations, responsible business operations or related skills as well as an appreciation for the limitations of budgeting laws in NH Municipalities are desirable.

Interested individuals should contact the Clerk of the District by phone at 603-742-8124 or by email and the Chair of the Commissioners, Verne Crosier, at 603-749-9210 or by email explaining why they would wish to be appointed Commissioner.

Water and Sewer District Positions for Election

Declaration of Candidacy is available at the Water and Sewer District Office for the following positions:

  • One Commissioner for (3) three year term;
  • One Commissioner for (1) one year term;
  • One Treasurer for (1) one year term;
  • One Clerk for (1) one year term;

The filing period opens January 23, 2019 and closes February 1, 2019

Application can be found at the Water District Office at 5 Lower Mill Road, down past the Mills. 

The Water and Sewer District Office business hours: Tue through Fri 8-1 pm. If you have any questions, please call the office at 603.742.8124