The Seeds of Faith Food Pantry wishes to thank all those who have so generously donated this holiday season. 

To the Rollinsford 4-H Club: The food drive that you did at the transfer station was a huge help.  With your collection of food and monetary donations, you provided a lot of food to a lot of hungry families through our food pantry. 

We feel it was very special of you to think of your community in such a generous way.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the collection and everyone who donated to the Seeds of Faith Food Pantry. 

To the Black Bean Cafe, staff and patrons:

A huge thank you to you for your collective donation. We have been so blessed with the outpouring of support and contributions throughout the community of Rollinsford.

All of us at Seeds Of Faith Food Pantry say thank you!


The Seeds of Faith Food Pantry is located between the Upper and Lower Mill buildings, at 1 Front Street, Suite #160. It is open from 10AM-12PM on Mondays. Walk-ins are welcome.