Public Hearing 8.24.21: Parking

The Select Board will be holding a public hearing to hear from residents about a proposed change to Ordinance 75-01 regulating parking.

Section #3 describing the no-parking area on Main Street would be changed to include the additional language noted in red:

“From Front Street to a point 15’ west of the Prospect Street intersection except that compact cars may park directly in front of 619, 621, 629 and 631 Main Street. A compact car is defined as a vehicle that fits between the road and the sidewalk such that it is parked entirely off the road without touching the sidewalk.”

The public hearing is at the Town Hall on Tuesday, August 24th at 6:30pm. Those who are unable to attend are welcome to submit comments in writing at Town Hall or via email.

Select Board Public Hearings 5.10.21

The Select Board will be holding two public hearings on Monday, May 10th starting at 6:00pm.

The first public hearing will address Ordinance 75-01 addressing the extension of the no-parking area on the southern side of Main Street up to Prospect Street. Please inform all residents of your property.

The second public hearing will commence immediately following the first public hearing. At that time the Select Board will hear from residents regarding the potential use of the right-of-way located between properties located on map 4 lot 37-16 and map 4 lot 37-17 located on River Road.

There is no physical location for the meeting. The meeting will be held via Zoom at THIS LINK

Or, by dialing: 1 929 205 6099

Meeting ID: 988 7526 9231

Parking Stalls in Village District

The town’s road agent recently oversaw the painting of parking stalls throughout the village district.   The Board approved the repainting of parking stalls as they originally existed in the village; the expansion of parking stalls was not planned by the Board and the Board regrets the lapse in communication that led to the expansion.   We understand and see that several of these stalls abut quite closely to resident driveways.

As in so many municipal situations, interests and concerns are conflicting and competing.  While the Board may or may not have agreed to the expanded parking stalls had they discussed this as a projected plan, we now feel that they provide an organization to the parking in the village that, while not perfect, is an overall improvement.   Additionally, plans to remove or adjust them would carry a cost that the Board is not ready to assume.

We ask affected residents for their patience in living with the change and hope that it becomes manageable for all.


There will be a parking ban in effect on October 31st from 7.30am till 6pm in the down town area. This will include: Front Street, South Street, Cross Street, Second Street, Third Street and Fourth Street. This will be to do line striping on the newly paved roads.