Stormwater Committee Members Needed

The Town of Rollinsford is required to report annually to the EPA for an MS4 General Permit. The fourth year of reporting was completed last fall and the Select Board and Town Administrator are in the process of completing requirements and reporting for year 5. EPA requirements consists of many activities, some of which include:

  • Catch basin maintenance, street maintenance, winter program maintenance

  • Catchment investigations, stormwater mapping and outfall mapping, dry and wet weather sampling of outfall areas

  • Providing public outreach information on lawn and septic care, pet waste disposal, industrial and developer construction cleanup, etc.

  • Stormwater program development and construction runoff management

  • Street design and green infrastructure reporting

  • Employee training

  • Development of long-term planning and maintenance for stormwater management activities

In addition to the MS4 General Permit requirements, the Town is also required to participate in a Non-Point Source Nitrogen Permit program. Separate, but related, requirements for reporting are required under this permit.

Required activities and reporting for both of these permits is extensive. The Select Board invites residents to join us for Select Board meetings to better understand the impact on the Town of Rollinsford. We are seeking volunteers for a Stormwater Committee. If you have an interest in learning more or have knowledge of water quality management practices and would like to serve your community, we encourage you to join us by contacting the Select Board at [email protected]. This is a great opportunity to be educated on the environmental issues and reporting for the Town of Rollinsford and contribute your time to our community. All meetings can be found on the Town Calendar and are sent via Town email.

Administrative Assistant-Part Time Volunteer

The Select Board for the Town of Rollinsford is seeking a part-time, volunteer Administrative Assistant. The position primarily reports to the Select Board and may also receive requests for assistance from the Finance Administrator. Please submit a brief letter of interest and a summary of qualifications or resume to the Select Board via email.

Position: Administrative Assistant
Status: Part-Time, Volunteer
Hours: 6-8 Hours Weekly (Flexible)

The Select Board is seeking an Administrative Assistant to assist with the following administrative functions:

  • Oversees and prepares the Select Board agendas. 
  • Arranges meetings at the request of the Select Board.
  • Prepares public notices as requested by the Select Board.
  • Manages or assists with providing notifications to the Town via:
    • Town calendar
    • Town website
    • Town email
  • Handles miscellaneous administrative functions for the Select Board such as printing, emailing, mailing or otherwise distributing documents.
  • Handles Select Board’s correspondence and prepares responses as needed. 
  • Prepares press releases and reports as required and directed by the Select Board.
  • As requested and needed, research information requested by the Select Board.
  • Assists with other miscellaneous administrative tasks upon request.  

Openings on Zoning Board of Appeals

The Select Board is looking for volunteers to fill vacancies on the Zoning Board of Appeals. This quasi-judicial body has the responsibility of hearing from property owners who are aggrieved by the Zoning Ordinance or an administrative decision based on the Zoning Ordinance.

Knowledge of the Zoning Ordinance is preferred but can be acquired over time. It is also helpful for volunteers to have previous experience on the Planning Board but is not required.

If interested or for more information, please email letter of interest or call 742-2510 x313

Recreation Committee Openings

The Recreation Committee is seeking new members.

The Committee is responsible for the summer recreation programming which may be forced to discontinue without additional support.

Please consider joining this great group!

The Town Needs Your Help!

Towns provide many functions. Some of them are more visible to residents than others. Some are required and others are more discretionary. Some of the functions are provided by volunteers. Rollinsford needs more volunteers. Many of the appointments to the boards and committees are expiring in March. We will be voting to fill some of them. Others are appointed by the Select Board right after Town Meeting. Thank you to all of the people who dedicated their time in service to our community this past year. The following are boards and committees on which volunteers serve.  Please read the brief excerpts about them and consider offering your name to be considered for appointment. Each has its own level of commitment which often is not very much time per month. Come meet more of your neighbors!

Planning Board

Meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm. This is an essential function we must offer to property owners wishing to subdivide or develop their property, start or expand a business or change the use of a property, for example. There is typically no outside work required and meetings are typically not more than two hours. Members should become familiar with the Zoning Ordinance and other planning regulations. There are two vacancies for full-memberships and one alternate position open.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Meets at the call of the Chairperson when there is a case to be heard (typically 3-5 times per year). This is an essential function we must offer to property owners who feel aggrieved by a land use decision made by the Planning Board, Town or planning regulations. It is a quasi-judicial body.

Conservation Commission

The group manages the conservation land along the Salmon Falls River known as Scoutland, the area beyond the community garden on Foundry Street, and discusses topics important to our natural environment. Some development requires a review by the Conservation Commission and their opinions can inform planning regulations.

Space Needs Committee

This committee worked hard for two years to determine a location for the police department. It was their recommendation to build a new facility to include the town office on Silver Street. This option was not put on the ballot this year. The Select Board will create a new charge for this group to address questions about the condition of the town hall and cost to renovate, locations for a potential police station and other ways we could potentially move forward to meet the needs of the Police Department.

Recreation Committee

These volunteers are the super heroes who recreated the summer recreation program which would otherwise have been discontinued just a few years ago. Recreation could not function without this group. They also manage the youth basketball program and are exploring options for senior programming.

Highway Safety Committee

This group only meets when there is a topic for discussion. They meet to discuss matters of public safety including, but not limited to traffic concerns. They make recommendations to the Select Board regarding roadways, when appropriate.

Stormwater Committee

This committee is necessary for keeping the Town compliant with our MS-4 permit which allows us to discharge stormwaterinto the Salmon Falls River. This is a federal permit which obligates the Town to engage in public outreach and public engagement regarding public activities which pollute waterways as well as water testing and data compilation.

Energy Committee

There are many ways in which the Town could save money with renewable energy. The specific charge of the committee has not yet been created but we know we could change street lights to LED’s or install solar panels on town buildings for example. The Select Board cannot make decisions without people presenting options and associated costs.

Historical Committee

We live in a small town with a lot of history. This group meets monthly to discuss topics of historical significance to Rollinsford and the Salmon Falls region. You don’t have to be an expert on local history to join, just interested in learning, sharing, and preserving the fascinating stories of our town. This group is flexible in making the most of each member’s strengths and interests and setting meetings to work for all members. They provide educational programs, history hikes (2 a year), and in 2019, plan to take on the first (modest!) restoration project, so handy people are especially welcome!