Summer Rec

Summer Rec Camp 2017 was a success! See you next year!
You can read about last year’s program on the Camp Rolly page.

Family Fun Day

Salmon Falls Family Fun Day 2017 was held on September 23. If you would like to volunteer or donate in 2018, or just stay up-to-date with the event,  you can follow the Salmon Falls Family Fun Day Facebook page!

Rollinsford Free Public Skating Rink

The Rollinsford Free Public Skating Rink is located between the ball field and fire station on Roberts road. Parking is available along Roberts Road. Vehicles need to be completely off the road.

The rink is closed for Winter 2017/2018. All of the equipment is organized and ready to go, we just need volunteers to maintain it. If you would like to help re-open the rink, please contact the Rec Committee

For up to date rink news, you can follow the ice rink’s Facebook page.

Questions or comments? Send us an email.

  • View the Rollinsford Public Skating Rink Safety Rules

    Please note the following rules apply, and are posted on site.


    Hours: sunrise to sunset

    No attendant on duty

    Children must be accompanied by an adult

    No smoking or alcohol

    No horseplay

    No hockey, broomball, etc.

    No loitering

    All injuries and incidents must be reported to the Town immediately

    In case of emergency call 911