The Tax Collector manages all phases of the tax collection process as mandated by the State of New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated, Chapter 80.

The Tax Collector is available at the Town Office during the following times throughout the week:

*Temporarily by appointment only*

You can contact the Tax Collector via email or via phone: 603-742-2510 Ext. 309

Property Taxes

The property tax kiosk provides convenient access to the following information: at any time via the internet.  This widely used on-line property tax system allows tax payers to access property tax bill information on their own and at any time that is convenient to them.

– View how much is/was owed for a given year
– If your payment has been received
– Amounts for State and/or Federal tax filing
– Ability to print information for closing

Click the button below to access detailed balance and payment information twenty-four hours a day at the Rollinsford Tax Kiosk:


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the tax year for property taxes?
Throughout the State of New Hampshire, the tax year runs from April 1st through the following March 31st. Property taxes are calculated from the assessed value of your property and is based on the value as of April 1st each year.

How often and when will I be billed?
There are two property tax bills issued each year.

The first property tax bill is due and payable on or about July 1st. This is an “estimated” bill and is one-half of the total property taxes paid in the prior year.

Example: Total taxes paid in 2022 = $5,000

     $5,000 divided by 2 = $2,500 – so the “estimated” first issue property tax bill due in July of 2023 would be $2,500

The second property tax bill is due and payable on or about December 1st. The State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration sets the tax rate every year in the fall. The final bill is calculated using the new tax rate, less any “estimated” payments made on the first bill.

What if I did not receive a tax bill?
Bills are mailed to the address of the last known owner as required by State law. The Assessor’s office and the Tax Collector’s office update their records according to real estate transfers received from the Strafford County Registry of Deeds, after they are recorded. Your attorney/closing agent should have checked the status of taxes due prior to closing. However, it is your responsibility, as the property owner, to ensure taxes are paid timely and provide the Town, in writing, with your current mailing address. Delinquent payments are subject to interest: 8% per annum commencing after the due date; 14% per annum commencing on the lien date.

The property owner is responsible for knowing that taxes are due and payable twice a year. If a bill is not received for each property owned, please contact the Tax Collector’s office. If you have a mortgage company that pays your taxes, the property owner is responsible for forwarding tax billing information to the mortgage company.

How do I check on what I am being taxed on?
Taxpayers desiring information regarding assessment, exemptions, veteran’s credit or change in address should refer all inquiries to the assessors’ office, not the tax collector’s office.  Assessing can be reached by phone: 603-742-2510 Ext. 320 or via email.

Property Tax - Understanding the Math, Dispelling the Myths

The following document explains and summarizes the property tax billing process, from the setting of the tax rate, the budget process, valuing property, and the equalization/proportionality processes.

Property Tax Myths
Written by Barbara T. Reid of the New Hampshire Municipal Association (NHMA)

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