Barns are an irreplaceable link to our agricultural history and one of the most beautiful features of a New Hampshire landscape. We often don’t realize how much our barns define the character of a town until they are gone. Because of this, the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance works hard to provide information and financial assistance to barn owners across the state.

If you or someone you know in town has an old barn, please take a moment to learn about the programs and resources available to help preserve these beautiful structures!

Include Your Barn in the Statewide Barn Survey

The Rollinsford Historical Committee is looking into performing a town-wide survey to inventory our town’s historic barns. Until that time, you can add your barn directly to the state’s inventory! This helps groups like the Preservation Alliance compile accurate data as they raise funding and develop tools to help save New Hampshire’s barns.

Simply download and complete a barn survey for your barn and send it to the NH Division of Historical Resources.
Download the Barn Survey Form »

If your barn needs work, but you don’t know what it needs or where to begin, consider applying for the Historic Barn Assessment Grant below!

Historic Barn Assessment Grant Program

People often think their structure is in worse shape than it is, sometimes even thinking that a barn is a teardown, when in fact it only needs a roof and a few beams to extend its life for generations to come.

The Historic Barn Assessment Grant offers financial support to help barn owners learn what needs to be done to stabilize, repair, or re-use their barn. This program provides matching funds for a barn restoration expert to assess your structure’s needs and issue you an in-depth report. This assessment can help address immediate stabilization issues, general care and upkeep, re-use strategies, budgeting, and a long-term revitalization plan, depending on your needs.

Whether you want to stabilize your structure to buy time or you’re thinking of completely restoring it, knowing what you need is the first step!

To learn about current grant programs, check out the Old Barn Resources Page on  the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance website, or contact Beverly Thomas, Program Director, at (603) 224-2281.

Resources for Barn Owners

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance has created an excellent resource page filled with information to help you understand your barn and the preservation process better. It includes simple instructions on how you can date your barn, maintenance tips and basic steps you can take to preserve the life of your barn, a glossary of terms that help you understand barn structure, and much more.
Information and Tips for Barn Owners »

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance (NHPA) also provides educational programs throughout the year. Topics include barn assessment, repair & restoration of stone foundations & stone walls, and timber frame restoration basics. View all of their upcoming programs on the NHPA Events page.

The NH Preservation Alliance maintains a list of contractors and preservation services on their Preservation Directory. While they do not make formal endorsements, they do offer an excellent guide on how to select a contractor.
Preservation Directory »
Read NHPA’s “Choosing a Contractor” »

Learn more about the 52 Barns in 52 Weeks initiative »
Listen to a short NHPR piece on the 52 Barns program »