The Rollinsford Select Board would like to alert the residents to changes at the Transfer Station.

If you have been paying attention to the news, you may have heard that recycling has very little value. China, once the largest consumer of American recyclable materials is no longer buying nearly the quantity it once did. Warehouses are storing vast amounts of recycling in hopes the market may turn around. What does this mean for Rollinsford? It no longer makes sense to bundle all of our recycling together. “Single stream” recycling, as it is called, no longer makes sense. Each item, whether it be paper, aluminum cans, glass or a numbered plastic, has a different value. Separating out these items will help us save money. It will likely still cost money to dispose of (where we once earned money on it) but it will remain less expensive than throwing it away.

Please be aware of new traffic patterns at the Transfer Station as we work through the numbers to determine how best to make the most of this difficult situation. We hope to find the best way to strike a balance between cost and environmental friendliness. Please be patient for changes going forward.