Burn Permits

As a reminder, a permit is required for open burning. The Fire Station remains closed to the public, but permits can be obtained ONLINE HERE. (Please note: the department reserves the right to inspect any permit.)

Daily fire weather/fire danger information can be obtained HERE

General Burn Permit Rules

  • Anyone who wishes to burn clean, ordinary combustibles such as leaves, brush or untreated lumber, or have a camp or cooking fire MUST have written permission from the landowner AND a fire permit.
  • Permittee must be at least 18 years old
  • Brush and wood must not exceed 5 inches in diameter. No household waste, treated wood or composite materials may be burned.
  • A category I fire must be at least 25’ from structures and category II or greater fire must be at least 50’ from structures.
  • Burning is NOT permitted during daytime hours, between 9am – 5pm (unless it is actively raining).
  • You must have written landowner approval to receive a fire permit or furnish proof that you are the legal landowner.
  • The NH Department of Environmental Services has regulations that must be followed regarding the testing and abatement of asbestos prior to demolition. Only clean, untreated/unpainted and non-contaminated wood may be burned.
  • Permittee must have sufficient water, tools and personnel necessary to control and completely extinguish the fire. A buried fire is NOT an extinguished fire.
  • Using tires or tubes to start a fire is a direct violation of the NH DES Air Resources Division rules and regulations.


Select Board Public Hearings 5.10.21

The Select Board will be holding two public hearings on Monday, May 10th starting at 6:00pm.

The first public hearing will address Ordinance 75-01 addressing the extension of the no-parking area on the southern side of Main Street up to Prospect Street. Please inform all residents of your property.

The second public hearing will commence immediately following the first public hearing. At that time the Select Board will hear from residents regarding the potential use of the right-of-way located between properties located on map 4 lot 37-16 and map 4 lot 37-17 located on River Road.

There is no physical location for the meeting. The meeting will be held via Zoom at THIS LINK

Or, by dialing: 1 929 205 6099

Meeting ID: 988 7526 9231

RFD “Drive-Thru” Fundraiser 5.1.21

Join the members of the Rollinsford Fire Department Association for a “Drive-Thru” fundraiser on Saturday, May 1st from 11am-2pm. The menu will include hotdogs and burgers ($3 for a single item, $5 for two) and each meal will also include a bag of chips and a water.

We look forward to seeing everyone and thank you for your support!


Many residents have received or will soon receive a Mail-in Dog License renewal form. The fee structure listed on that form already includes the $0.75 special postage fee. For example, a 2021 license for one altered (spayed/neutered) dog costs $7.50, plus the $0.75 for special postage. Therefore, if you’re renewing by mail or the drop box, you should make your check out for $8.25.
Seniors over 65 should make their checks out for $4.25 ($3.50, plus the $0.75 for special postage) for one altered dog. The senior discount does not apply to the second, third, or fourth dog.
If you have two to four dogs, you don’t have to pay any more than the $0.75 for special postage. For example, 2021 licenses for two altered (spayed/neutered) dogs cost $15.00, plus the $0.75 for special postage. Therefore, if you’re renewing by mail or the drop box, you should make your check out for $15.75.
If you choose to renew your dog’s license in person at Town Hall, then you can ignore the $0.75 special postage fee altogether.
We apologize for the confusion!

Drug Take Back Day 4.24.21

This Saturday, April 24th 2021, the Rollinsford Police Department will be participating in Drug Enforcement Administration – DEA Drug Take Back Day from 10am – 2pm.

Come down to the station during this time and the lobby will be open for you to dispose any unwanted, unused, or expired prescription drugs in our disposal box.

We will also have a supply of Deterra System drug deactivation bags to distribute.

For more information, visit




Mask Mandate Continues for Town Facilities

The Governor announced last week that the state-wide mask mandate would expire, Friday, April 16, 2021. However, the Town policy that requires mask use inside Town facilities remains in effect. So please wear a mask when you visit the Town Hall, Transfer Station, or any other town facility.

The State of Emergency is still in effect. Therefore, Town boards and committees will continue to meet remotely for now.

The Select Board continues to monitor the situation and we let you know when operations change. Until then, we hope you continue to take measures to keep yourself and others safe.

Town of Rollinsford All-Hazards Mitigation Planning Update 4.29.21

Public Announcement

Town of Rollinsford All-Hazards Mitigation Planning Update

Strafford Regional Planning Commission is continuing to update Rollinsford’s All-Hazard Mitigation Plan and the third meeting with the Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee has been scheduled for Thursday, April 29th from 11:30AM-1:30PM. This meeting will be held virtually (see link below). The third meeting will include: a review of draft meeting notes and existing mitigation actions, an update to the vulnerability assessment tool, identifying locations of past hazards, and brainstorming new mitigation actions.

All citizens, businesses, municipal officials, and interested parties from Rollinsford and other neighboring communities are welcome to attend the meeting. This update of the 2016 Plan is funded by FEMA under contract to Strafford Regional Planning Commission and is a collaborative planning process with the Town. If you are unavailable to attend, please forward any ideas or concerns via email to Kyle Pimental, Principal Planner, Strafford Regional Planning Commission or by phone at 603-994-3500


This update of the 2016 Plan is funded by FEMA under contract to Strafford Regional Planning Commission and is a collaborative planning process with the Town.

School Deliberative Session 5.4.21

 Legal Notice 

Rollinsford School District 

School Warrant Articles-2021 

The State of New Hampshire 

To the inhabitants of the School District of the Town of Rollinsford qualified to vote in district affairs: 

You are hereby notified of the Annual Meeting. 

The first session shall consist of explanation, discussion, and debate of each warrant article. Warrant articles may be amended, subject to the following limitations: 

a. Warrant articles whose wording is prescribed by law shall not be amended. 

b. Warrant articles that are amended shall be placed on the official ballot for final vote on the main motion, as amended. 

Warrant articles and other budget information is posted at the following locations: 

Rollinsford Town Hall 

Rollinsford Grade School 

SAU 56 Website 

Town of Rollinsford Website 

The deliberative session is scheduled for May 4, 2021 at 6:00 p.m., Rollinsford American Legion, Rollinsford, NH. 

The second session of the annual meeting, to vote on questions required by law to be inserted on said official ballot and to vote on all warrant articles from the first session on official ballot is scheduled for June 8, 2021 at the Rollinsford American Legion in Rollinsford, NH. Polls will be open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. 

Please visit http://www.sau56.org/rollinsford-school-district/rollinsford-sb2/ for more information.