The Transfer Station is ready for you to sort and recycle.  The bins have been built; the doors hung; the baler is ready to be put to work.

Given the market changes in recyclables, it is no longer cost effective to group all of our recycling together. Different items have different value making it worthwhile to separate. Yes, it is disappointing as single stream was really convenient, but we know that it is important to the residents to keep costs down. Throwing items in the trash is always the most expensive option; therefore, recycling remains mandatory.

We are now ready to bail items with a refurbished baler purchased with 2018 funds. The cost savings from disposing of recyclable items separately and not throwing them away, will pay for the baler in 1-2 years and will continue to provide savings for years into the future.

Recycling as a commodity means that we need to make it desirable to a re-user. This means that anything with food particles is trash. Rinse your recycling!

We are now recycling the following separately in their own bins:

  • Tin cans (including ALL pet food cans)
  • Aluminum cans (beverage cans only, all else goes with tin)
  • All plastics marked with a number 1-7 (NO black colored plastic)
  • Glass (bottles and jars only) Lids must be removed and container rinsed out. Metal lids go in tin area.
  • Mixed paper (no six pack holders, juice cartons or beverage cases, “rippable” only)

EXCLUSIONS: No containers that held hazardous products, no flower pots, black plastic, buckets, bags, film, wrapping or foam

All communication and appliance cords now accepted so please bring them in. They are an income generator!