Superintendent Meet & Greet

The SAU 56 Board
Cordially Invites
You to Meet

Superintendent Finalist:

Dr. Robert Gadomski

Monday, December 11, 2017

5:30 PM*

Meet & Greet

Mulligan’s Grill: CTC

6:00-8:00 PM*

Candidates’ Forum

Hilltop Playhouse: CTC

*Childcare will be provided

Budget Committee Meeting

The Budget Committee will meet Wednesday, August 2nd
at 6:30PM at the Town Hall.

Agenda items:

Second Quarter Budget Review for Town
End of Year Review for School
Second Quarter Budget Review for Water & Sewer District

The complete 2017-2018 budget committee schedule can be viewed here.

Public Hearing: Ratification of School District Meeting

 On Thursday, May 11, 2017, Time: 6:15PM, Location: Rollinsford Grade School: the Rollinsford School Board will hold a public hearing pursuant to Chapter 20:6, Laws of 2017, prior to voting on a resolution to legalize, ratify and confirm all actions, votes and proceedings at the 2017 Annual School District Meeting scheduled to take place March 14, 2017 which was postponed due a weather emergency.

Upcoming Meetings & Voting

1/11/17: Budget Committee workshop for budget recommendations, Town Hall, 6:30PM

1/14/17: School Budget Public Hearing, followed by Budget Committee Deliberation – School Budget, RGS, 9AM

1/21/17: Public Hearing: Proposed Bond Warrant Articles, RGS, 9AM

2/4/17: SB2 Deliberative Session (School), RGS, 9AM

2/11/17: Town Budget Public Hearing, followed by Budget Committee deliberation – Town Budget, 9AM, RGS

3/14/17: Town Voting by Ballot, Town Hall, 7AM-7PM

3/18/17: Town Meeting, RGS, 9AM