Winter Parking Ban

The town wide Winter Parking Ban begins November 15 and ends April 1. 

Town Ordinance 75-01 prohibits parking on any street between the hours of 12 am and 6 am.  Vehicles found in violation will receive a ticket. Vehicles found hindering snow removal operations will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.  The parking ban is in effect regardless of the weather conditions.

To receive notification of daytime storm related emergency ban notifications please click here to sign up.


Firearms Permits

It was reported in the recently released Town newsletter that permits are required for firearms.  This information is incorrect.  Permits ARE NOT required for the purchase or carrying of a firearm.  You may still obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit from the PD if you choose, but they are not required.

Police Seek Public’s Help

On November 7, Rollinsford Police respond to a collision on Portland Avenue in the vicinity of the Baer Road intersection. Two vehicles were involved. The vehicle that caused the collision fled the scene. The driver of the second vehicle was transported to Wentworth Douglass Hospital with injuries. RPD is seeking the public’s assistance in locating the suspect vehicle: grey/silver Nissan with drivers side damage. RPD is also asking anyone who may have witnessed the collision or was in the area around 7:55 pm to call the RPD at 742-2724.

Donations Wanted: Holiday Basket Program

The Police Association is seeking donations for the upcoming Holiday Basket Program.  The Association has provided complete holiday meal baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas to local residents in need since 1984.

Items needed:  non perishable food, canned food, boxed stuffing, gift cards to Market Basket or cash donations.

For more information or to arrange pickup, please call Chief Robert Ducharme at 742-8549, ext 303.

Speeds on Silver Street

In September, the Police Department deployed a stealth radar unit on Silver Street to capture the number of vehicles and their speeds.   The results of the 4 day survey are:

Total vehicles                   6884
36-40 mph                       2800
31-35 mph                       1971
41-45 mph                       944
26-30 mph                       677
21-25 mph                       304
46-50 mph                       136
16-20 mph                        33
11-15 mph                         8
56-60 mph                       5
51-55  mph                       3
70+                                    3

Fortunately the majority of the vehicles are travelling at or below the posted limit.  We are working on reducing the number of vehicles travelling at excessive speeds by increasing time spent on Silver Street to monitor traffic.  We will publish additional analysis of other streets as they become available.  Please contact Chief Robert Ducharme at 742-8549, ext 303 if you would like an analysis done on your roadway.








The Police Department is requesting you call them if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary so it can be investigated immediately. Too often people will call the Police Department hours or days after an event because they did not want to bother the Police Department or did not know if they should call. We encourage you to call no matter how trivial you think it might be. 
Emergencies 911

Dispatch 742-2724
Provide the dispatcher with as much detailed information as possible. You may remain anonymous if you choose.

Town Emergency Operation Plan Update

The Town of Rollinsford is beginning the process of updating its Emergency Operations Plans.  The plans are updated every 5 years.  The Town has received a grant and contracted with Hubbard Consultants to assist with the update.  The first meeting will be held at the Town Hall on Wednesday, October 11, at 9 am.  The public is invited to attend.  For more information, call Chief Robert Ducharme at 742-8549, ext 303.