Supervisors of the Checklist Meeting 3.4.23

The Supervisors of the Rollinsford checklist will hold a public meeting at town hall on Saturday March 4th at 10:00 a.m..  Residents wishing to register to vote may do so at this time.  It will be the last opportunity to register until March 14th elections.

You will need to bring with you:
– A photo ID, driver’s license, passport card or passport, or other government issued ID.
– Proof of residence or domicile if it is not on your ID. Utility bills from the last 60 days in your name, your auto registration, your passport, or legal document such as a lease are sufficient proof of domicile.
– If you are registering in New Hampshire for the 1st time you will also need either a birth certificate, a military ID or military dependent ID, your passport, your passport card or naturalization papers as proof of citizenship.

Other documents such as social security cards, a full pay stub with social security number, a W-2 statement with full social security number, and other similar documents may also be used as proof. You may consult the New Hampshire Secretary of State Elections Division for more information.

Supervisors of the Checklist Meeting 12.15.22

The Supervisors of the Checklist will meet at Town Hall on Thursday, December 15 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Residents wishing to register or make changes to their voter information may do so at this time.  New voters should bring proof of residence, proof of citizenship, and a  photo ID.

Supervisors of the Checklist Meeting 9.3.22

A mandatory meeting of Supervisors of the Checklist will be held on Saturday, September 3 from 11:00 – 12:00 p.m.  Anyone wishing to register to vote or update their voter records may do so at this time.
It is not possible to change affiliation at this time or on election day.  Voters will be given the ballot for the party indicated on the official checklist.  However, voters may write in candidates that do not appear on their party ballot.
At the Primary Election, voters who are Undeclared will be required to declare a party and will be given that ballot.  Party Affiliation Change Forms will be provided with the ballot for voters wishing to immediately return to Undeclared status.  Voters must complete the form and return it to the town Moderator to be processed after the elections.

Town Clerk Notices: Absentee Voting, Voter Registration, Ballot Testing

Absentee Ballots must be returned via USPS or in person to the Town Hall. (They may not be returned via the Drop Box)
The Supervisors of the Checklist will be having the last session before the Sept 8th Election on Sept 1st from 3-7 pm at the Town Hall.
The ballot machine will be tested on Sept 2nd also at the Town hall @7:00 pm.
The public is welcome to both above sessions, masks and social distancing required.