The filing period has ended for the Town of Rollinsford Officials.

The following residents have filed for office and will be placed on the ballot of the March Election.


Select Board:

Denise Knowles

Town Moderator:

Charles Putnam

Supervisor of the Checklist:

Angela Matthews

Town Clerk:

Kate Nesman

Town Treasurer:

Verne Crosier

Fire Chief:

Mark Rutherford

Budget Committee: Three 3-year positions

Jodi Lavoie-Carnes
Paul Cass
Verne Crosier
Edmund Jansen
Dee Neathawk
Jonathan Ordway

Trustee of the Trust Funds:

Salme Perry

Trustee of the Library (2):

Emily Quirk
Tamara Niedzolkowski

Trustee of the Cemetery:

Marc Couture