The Select Board for the Town of Rollinsford is seeking a part-time, volunteer Administrative Assistant. The position primarily reports to the Select Board and may also receive requests for assistance from the Finance Administrator. Please submit a brief letter of interest and a summary of qualifications or resume to the Select Board via email.

Position: Administrative Assistant
Status: Part-Time, Volunteer
Hours: 6-8 Hours Weekly (Flexible)

The Select Board is seeking an Administrative Assistant to assist with the following administrative functions:

  • Oversees and prepares the Select Board agendas. 
  • Arranges meetings at the request of the Select Board.
  • Prepares public notices as requested by the Select Board.
  • Manages or assists with providing notifications to the Town via:
    • Town calendar
    • Town website
    • Town email
  • Handles miscellaneous administrative functions for the Select Board such as printing, emailing, mailing or otherwise distributing documents.
  • Handles Select Board’s correspondence and prepares responses as needed. 
  • Prepares press releases and reports as required and directed by the Select Board.
  • As requested and needed, research information requested by the Select Board.
  • Assists with other miscellaneous administrative tasks upon request.