Upcoming Meetings 9.19.22 – 9.28.22

Meetings will be held at Town Hall unless otherwise noted.

CIP Committee Meeting, Monday, September 19 at 6:30pm

Rollinsford Public Library Trustees Meeting, September 20 at 6pm @ the Rollinsford Public Library

Budget Committee Meeting, September 21 at 6:30pm

ZBA Meeting, September 22 at 7pm

Select Board Meeting, Monday, September 26 at 6:30 pm

For your convenience, the remote hybrid meeting information is listed below:
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/way-hnyf-pzv
Or dial: (US) +1541-861-5107 PIN:  889 572 695#

Budget Committee Meeting, September 28 at 6:30pm

Upcoming Meetings 9.6.22-9.12.22

Select Board Meeting: Tuesday, September 6 at 5PM
For your convenience, the remote hybrid meeting information is listed below
Google Meet joining info:
Video call link
Or dial: (US) +1 442-600-4721 PIN: 743 448 126

Planning Board Meeting: Tuesday, September 6 at 7pm

Select Board Meeting: Monday, September 12 at 6:30 pm
For your convenience, the remote hybrid meeting information is listed below
Google Meet joining info:
Video call link
Or dial: (US) +1 541-861-5107 PIN: 889 572 695

Notice of Preliminary Assessed Values

The Town of Rollinsford has contracted with Avitar Associates to perform a town wide update of values. Sales prior to the April 1st assessment date are relied upon to establish new base land and building rates with the goal of bringing all assessments to 100% of fair market value.
To view your property record card online, go to www.avitarassociates.com and select Online Data, Subscription Information (Assessment Data – Review Online). Log in using the Subscriber option with Username: townofrollinsford and Password: rollinsfordtwn. The website also provides links to resources designed to help you understand the codes, notes, abbreviations, and other information on your property record card. The Online Data at this website will only be available for 60 days to review your property record card.
The informal review phone appointments will only be available during the timeframe listed below, additional days may be added, if needed. ·
Monday, August 22, 2022 between 8AM-4PM
Tuesday, August 23, 2022 between 8AM-4PM
Wednesday, August 24, 2022 between 8AM-4PM
If you have any questions, concerns and/or feel an error exists with your newly assessed value you must contact Avitar and schedule a PHONE APPOINTMENT. Please note that staff at Town Hall cannot schedule these appointments. Unlike in previous years, Avitar will not be holding face to face meetings, but rather will contact you at the phone number you provide for your scheduled appointment. To schedule an appointment, please go to www.avitarassociates.com/appointments or if you do not have access to the internet, please call Avitar at 603-798-4419. Please logon and schedule an appointment to ensure you are afforded the opportunity for review by 6:00 PM on SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 2022, as you will not be able to make an appointment after that date.
Please note that you should not try to estimate your next tax bill by multiplying your new assessment and the old tax rate as it will produce an erroneous tax amount. As the total value of the Town has increased, the tax rate will drop proportionally, barring any significant changes in spending voted on at Town & School district meetings. The newly established values will be implemented on the December bill.
For general questions regarding Assessing, please email assessing@rollinsford.nh.us or call 603-742-2510 x320.

Public Hearing: ARPA Fund Project Proposals

Town of Rollinsford
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund
Public Hearing
August 15, 2022 6:00 pm
Rollinsford Public Library

The Town of Rollinsford has received two ARPA fund payments totalling $270,727. The Select Board and Town Administrator are evaluating proposed projects for this year and seek public input on the following proposed, estimated expenditures as well as any other recommendations for use of these funds. Unexpended funds will be held in a reserve account for future projects. Future projects and proposed expenditures will be evaluated as needed and all funds must be incurred by December 31, 2024. Please join us at the Rollinsford Public Library to share your thoughts about these projects.

  • Town Hall Air Condensers – $50,000 (estimate)

  • Water & Sewer Contribution for Partridge Lane sewer project – $28,000

  • Fire Department Water Line Reconstruction and Vehicle Wash – $125,000 (estimate)

Public Hearing 7.5.22: Police Body Cameras

Rollinsford Select Board
Rollinsford Town Hall
Tuesday, July 5, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Pursuant to RSA 31:95-b, the Rollinsford Select Board will hold a Public Hearing on the acceptance of the State Grant Funds for the purchase of body cameras for the Rollinsford Police Department.

For your convenience, the remote hybrid meeting information for this meeting and the Select Board meeting that will follow is listed below:

Phone: 1 661-772-9098 PIN: 549 030 565#
The regularly scheduled Select Board meeting will follow at 6:30 p.m.

Posted: June 28, 2022
Posted at: Rollinsford Town Hall and the Post Office Posted by: C. Boyle

Stormwater Committee MS4 Year 4 Report Update

The Town of Rollinsford is required to report annually to the EPA for an MS4 General Permit. The third year of reporting was completed last fall and the Select Board and Town Administrator are in the process of completing requirements and reporting for year 4. EPA requirements consist of many activities, some of which include:

  • Catch basin maintenance, street maintenance, winter program maintenance
  • Catchment investigations, stormwater mapping and outfall mapping, dry and wet weather sampling of outfall areas
  • Providing public outreach information on lawn and septic care, pet waste disposal, industrial and developer construction cleanup, etc.
  • Stormwater program development and construction runoff management
  • Street design and green infrastructure reporting
  • Employee training
  • Development of long-term planning and maintenance for stormwater management activities

In addition to the MS4 General Permit requirements, the Town is also required to participate in a Non-Point Source Nitrogen Permit program. Separate, but related, requirements for reporting are required under this permit.

Required activities and reporting for both of these permits is extensive. The Select Board invites residents to join us for Stormwater and Select Board meetings to better understand the impact on the Town of Rollinsford. We are seeking volunteers for the Stormwater Committee. If you have an interest in learning more or have knowledge of water quality management practices and would like to serve your community, we encourage you to join us by contacting the Select Board. This is a great opportunity to be educated on the environmental issues and reporting for the Town of Rollinsford and contribute your time to our community. All meetings can be found on the Town Calendar and are sent via Town email.